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This is Matthias.

Matthias Lauche was born in 1984 in Merseburg, Germany. Ever since his childhood he has been an explorer, always discovering and collecting things that sparked his interest. This habit, he's still having today, laid the foundation to pave his way as a product designer. He finished his studies at the Hochschule Hannover, University of applied Sciences and Arts in 2018. During his Bachelor and Master classes he studied in India and Indonesia and worked in Denmark as an intern. He experienced the intercultural exchange and influence and keeps this in mind for his way of working and his approach to designing objects. He also is the cofounder of the former design studio form|knast and realized various design ideas together with different companies.

„Over the last years I experienced a lot in different areas, countries, continents and cultures and at least I found my passion in experimental product design in the area of home and living, always looking for a smart and intuitiv solution.“




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